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Team work
Strategic Planning

Navigating the complexities of strategic planning can be a formidable task. We deliver comprehensive guidance and insightful analysis to help you steer your business towards sustainable growth. Our approach emphasizes developing a robust strategy, fostering clear communication, and ensuring cohesive teamwork across all levels of your organization. 

Panel Discussion
Strategic Session Moderation


Moderating strategic sessions for teams, leadership, and CEO roundtables requires a blend of expertise and facilitation skills. We offer professional moderation services to ensure your strategic sessions are productive and impactful. Our approach includes preparing detailed agendas, fostering open communication, and guiding discussions to achieve clear, actionable outcomes. Whether it’s for team alignment, leadership development, or business strategy, we create an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and effective decision-making.

Reviewing Reports at Desk
Due Diligence

Conducting thorough due diligence is crucial for informed decision-making and risk management. We offer in-depth evaluations and expert insights, specifically reviewing the subject's existing go to market strategy, including  sales, marketing, and service operations. We provide a pragmatic assessment of the current state and future opportunities, so you can make the best strategic decisions for your business.

Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy


Creating an effective integrated sales and marketing effort can often become an incredibly daunting challenge. We provide the tools and analysis to help you understand and manage your business more effectively across departments and channels. We'll help you create a successful program built upon sound strategy, clear communication and improved teamwork across departments.

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Deal Sourcing Teams


We have partnered with some of the world's most active Private Equity firms to build internal deal sourcing engines that accelerate the sourcing process. Processes and teams we have built have led to hundreds of transactions and extraordinary growth in a broad range of verticals.


Our support can include strategic review, CRM development, multi-channel strategy and full team recruiting, training & management support - adapted to the needs of your organization. 

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CRM Strategy & Implementation

Implementing and designing CRM systems can be a complex endeavor requiring specialized knowledge and precision. We provide comprehensive support and expert guidance to help you navigate this process including HubSpot, Salesforce and other systems.


Our services include detailed evaluations of your existing systems, sales processes, marketing strategies, call center operations, and service frameworks. We use this background to help you select and implement a CRM approach that will support your business in a practical way with real users in mind.

Manager Training


Working with fast growing organizations and new managers in mature organizations, we provide a broad range of skill development. New and existing managers benefit from programs that include: Providing Effective Feedback, Meetings that Work, Defining ExcellenceEmpowering Teams and Time Management for Managers.

Sales Development and Training

Effective sales reps today need to use a broad cross-section of techniques and technology tools to reach prospects, persuade leads and close business. We work with Sales teams to improve contact strategies, generate greater ROE (return on effort) for each Rep, streamline activities and create a results oriented sales process.  We will help you improve sales activities, emails, sales calls, demo presentations and more with tactical training that drives higher close rates and order value.

3rd Party Telesales and Service Management


Extending your internal business team through 3rd party resources is a critical strategy for handling seasonal spikes, scalable new business growth and programs that require skills or tools not easily available inside your business.

For years, we have helped design programs and manage 3rd party resources (both domestic and near shore) in a way that protects your brand and customer experience while generating results in the areas of your business that make sense.

Customer Service Excellence

Creating great customer experiences is critical to business success. Our team works with your critical front line team, helping improve the quality and impact of every interaction across channels. Our Service Based Selling program helps service contacts create value and our holistic coaching system provides management with the tools to create higher quality interactions.

Executive Coaching

Receive one on one coaching on organizational leadership, critical decision making and management strategies that help convert your business vision into reality. For CEOs and Senior Executives of public and private businesses we provide a pragmatic approach to business leadership and change management for owners and operators seeking to shift gears in their business performance.

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